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In 2011, San Diego became the first city in the nation to have a contingent specifically for service members and veterans in its annual Pride Parade. Since that time, the Contingent has become a key part of our premier event.

As 2014 Pride is quickly approaching, we want this year to become even more amazing than the past three years.  Why? Simply, because not only are we celebrating 40 years of Pride here in San Diego, a fantastic mile stone in itself, but we also want to show our thanks and gratitude to the LGBTQ Community at large.  For if it were not for their fight in the streets, than our fight in uniform for equality and respect, would never have happened.

Military Participation - SD PrideWe are continuing our amazing tradition of welcoming all service members of the United States armed forces; members of Allied Forces; and family members, to the annual Pride Parade as part of the Military Contingent. We are proud to honor those who have served our country, both here and abroad, and provide this opportunity to recognize them during San Diego’s largest civic event.

For free registration to walk with the Military Contingent in this year’s parade, scheduled for Saturday, July 19th at 11:00 am, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page. Each participant is highly encouraged to wear their uniform, but must seek and receive prior approval from their command to do so. Veterans are welcome to wear their uniforms as well, as long as they respect proper wearing of said uniform. If approval is not granted, or if you wish to wear attire other than your uniform, service members are asked to wear a branch specific T-shirt. Please remember, official branch PT t-shirts are still classified as military uniforms. In addition, the Committee of the Military Contingent is working on providing special T-shirts for those without either.

Please see Uniform Regulation Links below. 
Again: Active duty service members must check with their commanding officer for additional information, direction, and instructions on wearing their uniform in the parade.

Uniform Regulations: ArmyNavyMarinesCoast GuardAir Force

After you register, we’ll send you additional information, via e-mail, about check-in and other details that you’ll need to know for the day of the parade.

For questions and information please contact SGT Erich Lenz at